Hey all

I hope you have had a good summer (for those in the northern hemisphere – otherwise i hope you’ve had a good winter). I’ve loved mine. It has been full of music, family and fun.




I am very honoured to have written and performed backing vocals on 4 tracks for Naomi Bedford & Paul Simmonds’ incredible new album ‘Songs my Ruiner Gave to Me’ which will be out in November. PRE-ORDERS ARE NOW AVAILABLE at £11.50 please email namoo2@aol.com.


It is a breathtaking collection of songs that take you on quite a journey and I’m so proud to be a part of it. There are a whole host of amazing artists involved with the album (including Justin Currie, Ben Walker & Gerry Diver). Not only that but Andy Summers (yes, Andy Summers from The Police!!) is playing guitar on one of the tracks that I’m on, which means I have worked with Andy Summers (that’s how I’m seeing it anyway)!!!

We had great fun filming a video for ‘Ramshackle House’, a song written by Paul about Naomi’s house in Brighton. I got to wear an original Police jumpsuit that was worn on the ‘Walking on the Moon’ video for the shoot!

I am doubly honoured to be asked to support Naomi & Paul at their album launch in Scotland on October 25th at The Hug & Pint in Glasgow. For more info and tickets go HERE


The 6 track EP that I co-wrote with Dave Liddell has still not been mastered. I’d like to say that the hold up is due a world tour or something but in reality it is due to Dave getting his loft extension done…very rock n roll I know! It’ll be out soon though and you’ll be the first to know.


And finally….

KRAMER is coming back to Scotland to work with lil ol’ me! I’m so excited I could pop. Early Novemeber we will record as much as we can squeeze in to the time constraints we have. Yeeeha.

Thanks for listening. Over n out x