Dear friends,

Due to high demand and a lot of great reviews ‘Into the Blue’ is now available as a limited edition CD. You can order your copy here (alongside digital copies).


Here are some of the reviews so far:

‘Electro-acoustic in all its glory with a great vocal performance. Another wonderful infectious work that sticks around in the brain for a long time post-listen.’

‘Transforming from pure acoustic material, to ambient backed acoustic, straight into tranquil pop territory is no easy task, but she pulled it off with elegance and finesse…I’ve dived deep into the blue, and I don’t think I want out.’

‘…definitely a notable piece of electro-ambient that can open the door to a remarkable future.’

To read all the reviews and interviews Into the Blue has received so far check out my ‘NEWS‘ page.



I’m delighted to announce I have been invited to headline Alan McGee’s Creation Unsigned Night at The Tabernacle in Hay-on-Wye on 2nd May 2015. There will be more details on that and other gigs soon.

I hope you are well. Thanks for your support.

Xan xx