Hello lovely peeps of internet land

I hope you are all well and that 2017 is being nice (politics aside). I just thought I’d do a wee update thingy with my news….


Sadly I have had to postpone the Hug n Pint Glasgow gig on the 24th February. It will be rescheduled but I don’t have a date yet.

I will be performing at this though…

Namoo poster

It’s going to be a great night. I’m only doing a short set but there are a few tickets left if you’re interested. If you haven’t seen the other artists involved….you really must! NB: the poster is displaying the wrong email address for ticket booking, it should be namoo2@aol.com.


I will soon be filming a short live video and I’m looking for suggestions for interesting venues in Glasgow and surrounding areas. Nothing too wild or whacky coz we need good acoustics…if you think of anything message me.

Also, I’m very excited to have been asked to appear in Naomi Bedford‘s next video! I get to wear a very famous person’s iconic outfit for the shoot….more on that soon.


I’ve also been asked to sing some BV’s for Naomi Bedford & Paul Simmonds’ next album. We will be recording with Ben Walker (of Josienne Walker & Ben Walker fame)….mega excited about this.


Work has begun on an album of songs with Kramer. We are at the beginning of the journey with it but the ideas are flowing. Hopefully recording will begin in the autumn.


Dave Liddell and I are still finishing our EP of 5 songs. It’s very close to finished, despite a last minute rewrite from me…..(sorry Dave)! Will keep you posted.

Peace and love and happiness x