I can’t believe it’s August already and that this is my first update of the year. I’ve not been slacking, honest!

I’m very delighted to say I have a new 3 track single coming out soon. It was recorded in Scotland in November and is produced and mastered by music legend Kramer from the US. I’m very proud of this collaboration as my respect for Kramer is boundless, not only as an artist but as a human being. These songs are quite a departure in style for me but it does justice to their personal nature.

Earlier this year I began work on a 5 track EP with session player extraordinaire Dave Liddell. We are delighted with the results so far, we just need to mix and master it (when Dave gets back from his current world tour – poor Dave!).  Fingers crossed it’ll be out late October.

Finally, gigs….it’s been pointed out to me (and I am painfully aware) that I harp on about gigging but then don’t! I had a cracking guitarist last year and then lost him when he moved away. Happily though I’ve found another and along with the very talented Adam Scott (ex Zoey Van Goey) on double bass we have a trio….yay! We’re on it…

More soon.

Nuff love xx